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#EntreUMCOEdition 04 — Support Local Products ft. Kravve



  May 22, 2020

Growing up in a normal family, Yong Lin witnessed his homemaker mum trying to contribute to the household finance by selling her specialty homemade pumpkin jams. “I know my mum is not alone. Many other housewives are selling their homemade food products to earn extra income. So that they can afford nicer sneakers or better tuition classes for their children.” 


To empower mums and retirees to make a living from their homemade products, Yong Lin founded Kravve, a convenient platform for home chefs to promote and sell their products. 


The current pandemic situation has not only impacted restaurants and retailers, but it also impacted badly on home chefs who most often rely on selling food products that they make at home to supplement their income. 


Unfortunately, consumers often compare the price of homemade food products with products in supermarkets and claim the former is more expensive. “People often misunderstand home chefs as greedy and think we earn a lot. Actually, our margin is slim because our production costs are higher, compared to mass-produced products.” 


However, to stimulate sales to eventually support the local home chefs, Kravve has introduced many promotions to encourage people to try their products. 


“You may ask, why am I still giving promo code even if we are losing some money, isn't this contradictory? We really don't mind. If RM10 did give you a little push to try out locally made products by our moms and pops home chefs, it's all worth it,” explained Yong Lin. 


Feel like supporting local homemade products? Visit https://kravve.co/


Coupon code: ZOMIN10

Value: RM10 discount (no minimum order)

Validity: A long as MCO is still happening




#EntreUMCOEdition is a series of genuine stories of how our Entrepreneur Partners are fighting against challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to sustain businesses.


These small enterprises and startups are not only striving for their profits, but their efforts are keeping the nation’s economy alive during the invasion of the deadly virus. Let’s spend a few minutes together to understand more about all these enterprises! 


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