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#EntreUMCOEdition 05 — A Platform Tailored for Home-based Sellers ft. SellFromU



  May 28, 2020

Pandemic and lockdowns have brought away many people’s rice bowls. However, when God closes a door, He opens a window. Many people are taking this opportunity to switch paths. 


Recently, I have been ordering Tilapia fish from this guy who is running his Tilapia delivery business on WhatsApp. During pre-pandemic days, he picks-up and drops-off passengers at airports. Besides, I noticed my mother sold many handmade steamed buns to neighbours during this MCO. 


The way people run businesses and people consume products changed tremendously during lockdowns. To reduce risks of infection, people rely more on delivery services. Thus, if your products or services can reach to your customers’ doorstep, you’re not far from success. 


However, not all people are trained to manage orders, calculate inventories, ensure payments are received and fulfill more tasks efficiently. And this is the reason that drives LCP Buildsoft Technology to spend two weeks intensively to create SellFromU


SellFromU is a platform tailored for home-based sellers, to provide a secure, fast and convenient online shopping experience to encourage more shoppers to support the local stores and home-based sellers. 


Currently, the platform is totally free. “We understand everyone shares the hardship during this tough time. We are here to help, not to burden. Therefore, we are providing this platform and its services for free!” shared Henry, the founder of LCP Buildsoft Technology and the director of SellFromU


With SellFromU, home-based sellers don’t need to read through every single message from their clients to manage orders. They just need to share the product links to customers and arrange for deliveries after customers complete their purchases. “You know when thousands of messages flow in, sellers will have a combination of feelings. Happy because many people are interested in their products, but how are they supposed to read all those messages? Our platform will take away all these hassles.” 


Let’s recommend this platform to your favourite home-based sellers to help them manage orders easier and more systematically, so they have more time to enhance their products or services quality! 



#EntreUMCOEdition is a series of genuine stories of how our Entrepreneur Partners fought against challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to sustain businesses.


These small enterprises and startups are not only striving for their profits, but their efforts are keeping the nation’s economy alive during the invasion of the deadly virus. Let’s spend a few minutes together to understand more about all these enterprises! 


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