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#MyInternshipStory — Louis from ZOM-IN



  July 08, 2020

Over the years, our company (TopNotch and ZOM-IN) has engaged with a few interns. Some of them even stayed with us and officially joined us as a permanent employee after they completed the internship. 


This series of articles will feature our colleagues who started working with us as an intern. 



Employee: Louis

Role: Videographer

Internship Start Date: November 2018


I started searching for internship opportunities many months ahead. Despite being invited for interviews by six companies, I couldn’t secure any of that mainly because my university’s internship program is only two months. 


When I almost gave up, I received a message from a WhatsApp group that usually provides freelance jobs said ZOM-IN is looking for a video editor. I quickly contacted the person in charge to apply for the vacancy. The next day, I went for an interview with ZOM-IN and got hired after that. 


I was so happy that finally there was a company that willing to take me in. Hence, I did my very best to ensure my works made impacts on the company. Besides, it was a precious opportunity for me to gain a lot of hands-on experiences because I was the only videographer in the company back then. I got to practice from A-Z of videography—planning, scripts writing, editing, etc.— and had many chances to collaborate with cross-departments colleagues. 


The two months passed in a blink of an eye. Suddenly, the internship ended and I had to leave the company to complete my final semester in university. I missed the company a lot because of the happy working environment and the opportunities and trusts given by my colleagues. Therefore, when my reporting manager approached me again to offer me the videographer role after my graduation, I was so happy to join ZOM-IN again. 


I hope that those who are having an internship right now can stop thinking yourself as an intern that is going to leave the company in less than 100 days. Think of yourself as part of the company and make contributions to support the company’s growth. For those who are searching for internships, please uphold good attitudes and positive mindsets because those are keys to a successful career. 


I hope everyone can find and pursue their dream job. 

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