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6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Internship



  April 22, 2020

Securing an internship is never easy. When you finally earned the position, let’s prepare yourself to make the most of your internship and leave a great impression. Besides learning soft and hard skills, you might receive a job offer at the end of your internship! 


#1 Set Clear Goals for Your Internship


Internship is the best opportunity for you to adapt to the real working world and pick up all the essential skills and knowledge in the industry. Thus, it’s important to make full use of this period to achieve specific goals. 


List down your goals and share with your employer or team leader so that they can allocate meaningful tasks to help you in achieving them. Setting specific goals also helps you to avoid unnecessary frustrations and workplace conflicts. 


#2 Be Open-minded


Although we said it’s important to set clear goals for yourself, you must be open-minded and always follow through when your superiors assigned any task to you. Be it simple or complex, easy or tough, try your best to finish every task given. If you feel you can’t deliver on your promises, seek help from other co-workers or communicate that to your superior. You will learn more by carrying out more tasks. 


#3 Take Ownership of Your Mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to quickly rectify your problems and seek possible solutions. 


As an intern, you might make mistakes like missing a deadline for a project. Do not sweep the mistake under the rug as it will cause bigger trouble in future. Communicate with your superior that you’re aware of the mistake and provide solutions as to how you will fix the problem. Then, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. 


Most importantly, you should learn how to avoid making the same mistake. For example, if you overlook a project’s deadline, maybe you should set a reminder to keep you aware of the deadline. 


#4 Practice Collaborating with Others


Collaborating is a vital skill that will serve you in any profession. Effective communication among team members is important for minimising misunderstandings and maximising work efficiency. Collaborating well with coworkers means actively listening, communicating clearly and speak with discretion. 


For example, when you’re working on a project, define the requirements of the project and quickly determine what type of assistance or input that you need from others. In this way, your coworkers can provide you with resources and help that you need and eventually increase efficiency. 


#5 Building Your Connections


Your internship is a valuable opportunity to start networking. After all, the people you meet in this setting could become friends, professional contacts and possible mentors for years to come. 


To build professional connections, you need to expose yourself to your coworkers in a good and proper manner. Always seeks advice from coworkers while conducting projects can create more meaningful conversations with them. Besides, while having casual conversations, you can ask about their previous work experiences and get their opinions on your future career choices. 


After your internship, keep in touch with those who are helpful and friendly to you. They can be your references while you apply for jobs in future. 


#6 Keep a Journal


Throughout your internship, make a habit of writing in a journal so you can recall ideas, learnings and accomplishments. Be it daily or weekly, these notes will be helpful to keep track of the details of your accomplishments during internship. If there are any metrics and numbers that can make your achievements tangible, make sure you record them properly. This journal will come in handy when you are updating your resume after your internship. 


We wish you the best of luck in your internship and beyond. Hope you can meet some good mentors and gain useful skills within those 3-6 months. Good luck! 


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