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Ace Your Online Interview for the First Time



  May 14, 2020

Human life has changed a lot in the digital era, the current global pandemic has brought digitalization into the next level. Recently, every meeting, conference, even party has shifted to online video calls. Many employers also started to chat face-to-face with prospective employees via video-calling tools. 


While having a chance to attend an interview is worth to be grateful during this period (many companies out there have frozen their hirings), going through an online job interview for the first time can be scary. Thus, we are sharing some tips to help you ace your online job interview! 


Eliminated Distractions


Just like you would silent your phone in a normal job interview, you must keep away anything that could interfere with your conversation. Make sure to mute your phone and email notifications, and most importantly, inform your family members that you’re having a job interview so no one would interrupt your conversation. 



Also, if you have pets with you, keep them away during the interview. You won’t want your cat to walk across your laptop screen and accidentally step on the shutdown key in the middle of your conversation with your potential boss. 


Pick The Perfect Spot



Choose a spot that is quiet, has a clean background, and with natural lighting. You can take selfies around your house to choose the best spot for your interview. 


Test-Run Your Hardware & Software


If you’re conducting a video-call on your laptop (or phone or tablet) for the first time, do check the functionality of your webcam and headset. Also, get yourself familiar with the video-calling software in advance to avoid awkward moments during the interview. 


Note: Please use a headset or earpiece so that you can listen to the interviewer’s questions clearly. 


Dress Appropriately



Don’t wear your lounge-wears on an online job interview although you’re at home. Make sure you dress up professionally and keep your hair clean and neat. First impressions always matter and your appearance is crucial to making a good one. 


Prepare Yourself


Just like the usual interviews, you should study the company’s information before the job interview. Get yourself prepared with common interview questions so that you won’t be nervous during the interview. 


As all companies need to adhere to strict SOPs to avoid COVID-19 clusters, online conferences will be widely used by hiring managers to screen candidates. Therefore, let’s get yourself familiar with this ‘new normal’ and be ready to ace your online interviews! 


We wish you all the best! 


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