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Best Way to Celebrate Father's Day

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 11, 2022

If you've ever asked your dad what he wants for Father's Day, odds are you've heard "nothing" more than once. As much as we love them, dads are pretty hard to gift for. Finding a Father's Day gift might be the toughest of all. 


Earlier, we have run a survey among our team members to understand what they think is the best gift for Father’s Day, and the most frequent answer we gotten is quality time. 


Question is, how to spend quality time with your father? From throwing your dad a pizza party at home, making a Father’s Day craft, or writing a sweet Father’s Day quote in a Father’s Day DIY card, there are plenty of creative things to do for Father’s Day that you can pull off. We are going to name a few in this checklist. 


Fly a kite in your backyard


You don’t need to go very far to have a great time with Dad. Buy a kite online or make your own. Pick a time when the wind is high then go into your backyard to make everlasting memories that will last for a lifetime. 


Tackle a task together


Is Dad a hands-on guy? Why not spend the day making or fixing a new furniture or upgrading an existing furniture right from home. 


Go on a bike ride


After 2 years of quarantine at home, it’s time to dust off the bikes and ride around the park to make Dad feel special.


Go on a virtual tour 


Many famous museums like the Guggenheim in New York City and the British Museum in London are offering virtual tours. Fire up the computer and let Dad get lost in the art.


Have an outdoor family movie night


If one of Dad’s favorite past times is binging the Star Wars saga over and over again, how about setting up a family movie night from your own backyard? Hang a white bed sheet and project a movie onto the screen via a projector.


Complete a puzzle


A great way to spend time with Dad on Father’s Day is to complete a puzzle together. Either spend time on a puzzle you have at home or create a custom one with a cute message reminding Dad how much you love him. 


Camp indoors


Bring the beauty of the outdoors, inside! Create a space in your living room to pitch a tent and lay out sleeping bags. Pop popcorn or make s’mores in the microwave for an extra touch.


Listen to old records


Dust off your record player and get ready to be transported back into time. This is a great bonding tool for Dad and the kids to show them the type of music he was into growing up.


We wish you have a warm and wonderful Father’s Day! 


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