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Creative Resume Examples – Web Resume



  April 01, 2020

Resume is one of the essential tools for job seekers. It gives a potential employer the first impression of you. If you want to stand out among probably a thousand candidates, you’ll need to stretch your creativity.

Today we’re introducing one of the creative resume ideas – creating a Web Resume.


What is a Web Resume?


A Web Resume is a simple personal website that showcases your top skills and your featured portfolios. If you’re a talent in digital fields such as web design, graphic design, web development, coding, animation, photography, or music production, among many others, then the necessity of an online resume should be pretty self-evident.

In most situations, a traditional paper resume is still needed. However, you can invite the hiring manager to visit your online resume by inserting your website URL or a QR code on the resume.


Best Web Resumes


Today, we’ll explore some good examples of personal websites/web resume. Let’s grab some ideas from these examples and we’ll discuss how to create one for yourself in our upcoming article.


Best Portfolio Web Resume – Devon Stank


If you’re a web or software developer, UI/UX designer or graphic designer, this website can be a good example for you. Not only it has a clear and simple design, but it also fully showcases the owner’s skills and abilities in the ‘portfolio’ section. Stank shares the screenshots of his projects and listed all the technologies used in each project. Don’t you think this is a more solid way to show-off your skillsets to potential employers?


Best Photos Web Resume – Garrett Byrum


For photographers and videographers, your works are your best resume. Volunteer yourself to take photos or videos for your friends and family parties, school clubs’ events, etc. Then, showcase your works.


Best Analyst Web Resume – Benjamin Felix


A financial analyst or data analyst can showcase your skills by sharing your analysis on some interesting topics within your field. Use charts and graphs to portray the data, narrate your thoughts and projections, and suggest feasible actions.


Best Simple Web Resume for Student



If you don’t have portfolio or research articles to showcase, but you want a proper online appearance of yourself, you can create a simple one-page web resume! Choose your colours, fonts, and photos wisely.



Ensure the colours suit your own identity and your preferred industry. If you’re entering industries like media, advertising, marketing, you may play around with bolder colours. However, if you’re exploring industries like human resources, law, finance, make sure you go with more subtle and simple colours. This colour rule also applies to your PDF resume.

Modern problems require modern solutions. When all the bosses out there already started to scout talents on the internet, your battlefield no longer limits to face-to-face interviews. Expose your profile and portfolio online would help you to engage in more opportunities.

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