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Fathers’ Role in the 21st Century



  June 20, 2020

Less than thirty years ago, most fathers are the family’s sole breadwinner. It was the natural family dynamic that men would be out working and women would serve as homemakers and caretakers. What we see today is a totally different prospect. 


In pursuing gender equality, women and men nowadays are equally empowered in and through education. Women are playing more significant roles in the workforce and the phrase “bringing home the bacon” is no longer describing fathers alone. The number of dual-earner families is increasing year by year. 


Therefore, the role of the father is changing dramatically in the 21st-century household. As the share of dual-income households has increased, the roles of mothers and fathers have begun to converge. Compared to the old-fashioned fathers whose time being heavily concentrated in paid work, fathers now have taken on more housework and childcare duties. 


Even the American business magnate, Bill Gates, takes part in childcare duties. In numerous articles and a published book by Melinda Gates, we’ve seen her husband volunteered to fetch their daughter to school—though it’s located in the totally opposite direction to Microsoft—twice a week to ease her burden and to spend more time with his daughter. 


“Being a husband and a father in today’s world is truly challenging. Not only you have to work, but you have to manage household tasks and raise the kids too. However, if mothers can do (childcare duties and house chores), fathers can do too,” shared a father with three daughters. 


Come to think about it, fathers in the 21st century are very lucky because they have more opportunities to participate in important moments in the family. “Parenting is difficult, but it’s the most rewarding experience in life. My kids always share their stories in school with me, I barely talked to my father when I was small because I was too scared of him. It would be painful for me if my children refuse to talk to me.” 


We would like to honour dads who are spending their time, efforts, and money selflessly to raise their children. Thank you for what you’ve done and Happy Father’s Day to you! 


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