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How To #InternLikeABoss



  April 27, 2020


In most companies and organizations, an intern seems to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. However, if you notice, we’ve been posting articles, videos, and infographics with the hashtag #internlikeaboss lately. Why would we relate the two roles – the boss and the intern – that nowhere similar? 


If you asked millennials about their ideal jobs, 6 out of 10 would tell you they want to be entrepreneurs. 



Yes, being a boss does come with some notable perks – you’ll have the ultimate autonomy and you’ll get to choose your work location – but it also takes great responsibility to be one. Why not start training yourself from internship to be a good boss in future? 


#1 Ditch the “Takpe” Attitude



In most university programs, an internship is compulsory for one to graduate. Hence, many students just blindly apply for internships without setting proper goals and purposes. “As long as I pass through the 3 months and my lecturer approves the report, I am happy.” 


If you’re a business owner, you need to be aware of everything related to your business. You can hire talents to take away parts of your responsibilities but you still need to be on top of everything. 


If you’re fulfilling your internship with the “takpe” attitude, you’re just wasting your time. Internship is the best time for you to pick up job skills, build self-reputation and network with seniors. Make sure to do enough preparation to get the most out of your internship


#2 Take Ownership


Everyone likes to have autonomy and to take control of things in life. Do you want to live with your terms? Then you have to start taking ownership as a boss does. 


A boss is the person-in-charge of a company, the person who is fully responsible for everything of the business. What does it mean to take full responsibility for your internship? It means that you need to honestly speak over what you want to achieve, put into plan precisely and execute your plans. 


Completing an internship is not deciding where to have lunch, it’s not something that you can tell “I don’t know”, “I don’t have a plan” or “You choose for me”. You must know what you want and work for it. 


#3 Include Yourself



We have come across some fresh graduates who failed to provide a brief explanation about the company that they joined for their three months internships. When we tried to ask more questions, they would tell, “I’m there for three months only.”



When you think deeply, three months are actually long enough for you to learn and contribute a lot. 


You should see yourself as a permanent employee, try to understand everything about the business, try your best to jell up with your coworkers, and always think from the company’s perspective. When given a task, be it a simple or a complex one, always stretch yourself to complete it perfectly. 


Be Your Own Boss


Life is very fair. The more effort you put, the more value you get. If you want to achieve more, make sure to work harder and smarter. 


Your actions decide whether you’re the boss or a nowhere man. 



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