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Interns' FAQ Part 1

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 16, 2021

We have collected some frequently asked questions from our users. Let's read this if you have questions related to internships. 



Does the internship provide allowance and what is the allowance range?


We have discussed this topic in our previous article. Most companies do provide allowance to their interns, except non-profitable organizations. However, the amount of the allowance is at the company’s discretion. There is no specific law or guideline to standardize the range of internship allowance. 


Does the internship provide training? 


An internship is a chance for students or fresh graduates to gain valuable industry experience. Thus, a certain amount of training and supervision is usually required. Different companies may have different practices and definitions about training, but companies will usually provide guidance to ensure their new joiners adapt well. 


How many internships can I apply for on the website? Can I apply for multiple internships at once? 


You can apply for as much as internship programs as you can from companies that you’re interested in. We actually encourage our users to attend more job interviews so that they stand a higher chance to secure an internship that is suitable for them. 


Will all of the companies that I apply to on the website provide feedback? 


Companies usually will reach out to shortlisted candidates only. If you never receive feedback or a response from a company some weeks after your application, chances are you’re not shortlisted.


Is this article helpful to you? Stay tuned for Part 2! 

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