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Internship FAQs Explained EP1



  May 22, 2020

Welcome back to our #internlikeaboss series. Recently we have received many questions from students surrounding the topic of internships. So we decided to share some of the frequently asked questions and our views with you. 



Q: Most of the internship opportunities are concentrated in city areas. Is it possible to complete my internship without leaving my hometown? 


Well, as most of the business activities concentrate in large cities, it is natural that cities would offer more job opportunities than suburbs. The possibility of completing your internship without relocating to cities depends on the nature of your study and the available options near your home. For example, if you’re studying Accounting, there’s an Accounting firm near your neighbourhood and they are hiring interns, voila! 


But if there is no suitable place for you to complete your on-the-job training in your village, the same problem will occur again when you’re looking for jobs after graduation. Hence, you should start preparing for your adventure in big cities. 



Q: My study is too niche. How and where to find internships?


When you decided to pursue a niche field (or any field), you should start to research your career outlook. While you don’t necessarily need to pursue a career related to what you’ve studied, internship is a different case. If your internship is compulsory, there might be some criteria to fulfil. You should prepare your resume in advance and start reaching out to companies that provide opportunities related to your field 3-6 months before your internship starts. If you haven’t secured an opportunity 2 months before your internship starts, please schedule consultation sessions with your lecturers or your university’s career centre for professional advice and assistance. 



Q: How to ensure the internship fulfils my purposes? 


First of all, you must identify your internship objective. Then, you have to make sure your objective is stated clearly in your resume. (Refer to our previous article to write a clear Internship Objective) Also, list down the things that your lecturers want you to learn and things that you want to pick up. During interviews, ask the interviewers whether their organisation can assist you to achieve those purposes. 


It’s important to share your goals with the employer or team leader so that they can allocate meaningful tasks to help you in achieving them. Setting specific goals also helps you to avoid unnecessary frustrations and workplace conflicts



Q: If I’m not satisfied with the internship, what should I do? 


Sometimes, no one would spend time to coach you because most of your co-workers are pressured by their own KPIs. If you have specific goals that you want to achieve during internship, you must be more proactive. Approach the seniors when they are less busy, take initiatives to offer help so that you can get involved in tasks that you want to join. If all these don’t help, you may consider applying for an additional internship with other companies during holidays. Anyway, be open-minded to every task and project assigned to you. Not all tasks align with your goals, but all of them are your learning opportunities. 


That’s all for today. Write to us if you have other questions! We will accumulate 3-5 questions for each update.


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