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Internship FAQs Explained EP3



  June 02, 2020

After sharing the Internship FAQs Part 1 & Part 2, we’re overwhelmed by lots of questions! Thanks to users who throw questions to us, those questions help us to generate more ideas in developing our content and future activities on our platform. 


Before jumping to another series (we are preparing for something interesting!), we’re sharing this Part 3 to answer some frequently asked questions that we received recently. But not to worry, you can always ask us questions on social media or drop us an email at admin@zom-in.com whenever you face problems related to internships. 


Without further ado, let’s start our list of FAQs today! 



Q: I don’t have a specific mentor in the company. In other words, all seniors can assign any task to me. Therefore, I often forget some tasks. No one scolded me but I feel really bad about it. 


First of all, this is a good thing! Many interns were rather flooded by lots of tasks than isolated by superiors. To manage all your workloads and never miss any task, you can simply track your tasks and work progression using a spreadsheet. In case you don’t know how to start, we’ve prepared a template for you. You may ‘Make A Copy’ or download the template to start using it on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. You can also modify the template to tailor to your needs. 

Using a tracker on Google Sheets not only enables you to monitor your tasks, but it’s also a great tool for collaboration and communication among coworkers. You can tag the senior who assign you a task with a comment to update him/her about your progression or ask questions related to the task. He/she will receive notifications via email when you tag them, so they can correspond with you easily. 



Q: I have many questions but everyone seems busy all the time. How can I ask questions without being annoying? 


You can list down your questions and try to search for answers on the internet before asking your seniors in the workplace. If the search results didn’t satisfy you, you can reach out to your seniors with the list of unsolved questions when they’re less busy. Otherwise, you can accumulate your questions and ask them during a weekly meeting (if there is any) or via emails. 

The key is you must at least show some efforts by trying to search or figure out answers by yourself before throwing your questions or problems to seniors. Do not give your coworkers a bad impression of you’re waiting to be spoon-fed. 



Q: My boss assigned a serious project for me. I do appreciate the opportunity but I’m super terrified at the same time, worrying if I would screw up the whole project. What should I do? 


Congratulations! Don’t be intimidated by the great opportunity. When given an important task/project, the first thing you should do is to plot out a plan or a proposal. Then, show your plan or proposal to your boss to make sure you hit the right points. Then, execute the plan accordingly. If there are items or tasks in the proposal that you need help or guidance, point it out to your boss or seniors. They would definitely guide you or share helpful tips or even allocate helping hands to help you complete the tasks. 



Q: I suspect my company is involved in some illegal (or at least unethical) business activities. I am so thrilled and don’t know what to do now. Should I resign? Should I report it to authorities? 


This is unusual because all registered companies need to be audited by third parties and the government. Besides, if the company is really involved in unlawful activities, we guess it won’t take the risk to reveal it to interns. Therefore, do not simply make assumptions on things that you’re unsure of. If you insisted something fishy is going on, please leave the workplace if it’s not a compulsory internship (resign with excuses related to personal/family matters). If that is a compulsory internship, please speak with your counsellor before taking any action. 


We hope everyone has a good internship experience! Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions related to internships. 


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