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Is Social Media Proficiency a Plus-Point for Job Seekers?



  May 15, 2020


While many people are hiding their social media accounts from people they know in the workplace, some are earning extra profits or salary with their proficiency in social media. 


This is because most companies have a strong social media presence these days, many smaller companies rely on social media platforms as main channels for their sales, marketing, and public relations. The demand for social media managers and specialists is growing. Organisations hire social media managers to shape their social media strategy, create and post material, as well as to measure their impact. 


Even if you’re not looking for a job with “social media” in the title, you might find having a good appearance on social media will come in handy during your job hunt. Today we’re sharing some effective ways of fostering good impressions on social media. 


Choose The Right Social Media Platform(s)


There are many social media sites out there, famous ones like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and there are plenty more that gather people with niche interests, i.e. Pinterest, Behance, Reddit, Medium, etc. Each social media channel has its own style and has its own pool of audiences. It’s important to choose the right platform(s) and post appropriate content to ensure your postings engage with the right people. Our focus today is on platforms that would benefit your career progression. 




Though some would claim that Facebook is ‘outdated’, it takes away the major portion (over 80%) of social media usage in Malaysia. Globally, Facebook is also the biggest social media site, with more than two billion people using it every month. There are more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and more than six million advertisers actively promoting their business on Facebook, leaving most people no reason to exclude themselves from it. 



Facebook supports almost all types of content — text, images, videos, live videos, and Stories. Most importantly, Facebook allows you to control privacy options for every single posting. Therefore, you should set all your party photos, postings of you fanboying/fangirling over k-pop stars, your political views, etc. into “friends only can view” mode. At the same time, for photos of you taking part in co-curricular activities, photos of you winning in competitions, your opinions on industrial news, and any other things that would increase chances of you getting a favourable job offer, let’s keep them viewable for the public. 




Twitter is a platform that emphasises on real-time information. If you’re venturing into the news industry, or you want to be influential in your industry by sharing thoughts on the latest issues humorously, you may invest your time in this platform. The platform is also great to share updates/episodes of a developing story





Instagram is helpful for industries that rely highly on sharing appealing images and videos. It is the best platform to show off your talents if you’re a designer, photographer, model, pâtissier, or barista. 




LinkedIn is an important platform for all job-seekers. Keep your profile updated and frequently share thoughts regarding hot issues in your industry that could help you to attract prospective employers. 


Other Notable Platforms


Medium: If you’re a content writer, or you’re good at writing longer articles, constantly publish your thoughts in Medium can extend your reach to more business opportunities. 


Behance: Behance is like a LinkedIn for designers. If you create original visual content, this is the right community for you. 


YouTube: YouTube is also one of the most consumed social media sites in Malaysia. Posting informative videos or sharing tutorials would be a way to attract business/job opportunities. 


Bottom Line: Post Appropriately


The main purpose of using social media for your career/business is to be known by more prospective employers/clients. However, do not try to earn attention by posting controversial content or fake content. Posting inappropriate content would jeopardise your personal image and defeat the sole purpose of building your online appearance. Thus, make sure all your content is morally acceptable and is not offending any party. 


Post wisely! 


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