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Story of A Yoga Instructor ft. YogaWithJey



  June 17, 2020

In conjunction with the International Yoga Day, we are featuring a conversation between ZOM-IN’s Shu Lee and Jey, a certified Yoga instructor, exploring his magical journey in practising Yoga. 


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.



Shu: Take me back to the very beginning. When and why do you start learning Yoga? Did you pick up Yoga to deal with injuries? 


Jey: No. Somewhere around in 2016, I used to see both my sisters practise Yoga at home, and some times I practice Yoga together with them. Also, I was attracted by some photos of people doing yoga poses such as headstands on Instagram. I was so inspired and admired by their yoga poses, especially Headstand. Like, how special is to see the world upside down right? 


Shu: Did you manage to pick up those poses by yourself? 


Jey: Some I could, some I couldn’t. But looking back now, I can say that I’ve progressed very well. Because Yoga involves our body, mind & soul. It is not about those poses only. So if you asked me when did I start learning Yoga, I would say it was in January 2017, when I finally seek proper guidance from my first Yoga teacher. 


Shu: Is there any particular reason that drives you to finally learn from a teacher? 


Jey: Yes. A good friend of mine has always been my beacon. Whenever I face problems or have doubts in life, she always helps me to view things from different perspectives and always provides me with creative solutions. When I asked her how she can stay positive at all times, she told me about things she learned in her Yoga classes and shared how Yoga has helped her to find a better self. Her story inspired me and motivated me to join Yoga classes. 


Shu: What changes have you noticed on yourself after you start practising Yoga? 


Jey: For me, Yoga is a magical journey. It’s a tool for me to make myself better day by day. I started looking at things from a different perspective. Most importantly, I am happy! Every time when I step on my mat and unlock Yoga poses, it gives me deep satisfaction. 


Shu: What makes you want to pursue Yoga seriously and become a Yoga instructor? 


Jey: I accepted the suggestion from my teacher (Anuradha) to pursue the Instructor course under Master SK Durai at Sakthi School Of Yoga. I started my instructor course in Jan 2019 and completed my course in June 2019. It’s 6 months—200 hours—International Yoga Teacher Training Course. It was an intensive and challenging program but I’ve learned a lot. 

Shu: You completed the 200 hours training within 6 months? That’s incredible! 


Jey: I know. I have a day job. Therefore, I had to utilize all my non-working hours, woke up early to complete my practice hours, and went to bed very late to make sure I fulfil the hours. When I finally graduated as a Certified Yoga instructor, it was my proudest moment in this journey. And of course, I feel proud to learn Hatha Yoga under Teacher Anuradha and complete my Instructor course under the guidance of a great master, Master SK Durai. 


Shu: Who would you recommend to learn Yoga? 


Jey: Everyone should learn Yoga. Yoga will help an individual to find their inner potential to direct them into their magical journey and make their life more beautiful in all aspects. 

Every teacher has their own unique way of teaching. Students will need to tell their health condition (if they have any) or their goal in Yoga, to the teacher so that the teacher can guide them accordingly. When the intention of learning Yoga is pure, the right teacher will come. 




If you’re interested to know more about Yoga, you may follow Jey at https://www.facebook.com/Yoga-With-Jey-111315970399368/


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