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WALKTHROUGH: How To Apply For Internship On ZOM-IN



  July 23, 2020

Welcome to the New ZOM-IN

In our previous article, we have briefly introduced the main features of the new website. Since it’s new, I guess many of you are still figuring out how to use some of the functions. 


Therefore, we’re going to walk you through the whole process to apply for an internship on ZOM-IN. Once you get completed the beginning steps, you’ll save a lot of hassle when applying for internships or even jobs in future. 


PS/ All these steps can be done on both Desktop Web Browser & Mobile Web Browser. We recommend you to use Google Chrome. 


Sign Up



First, click on the “Sign Up” button on the menu bar to open the Sign-Up Form. 



Fill in your Name, Email, Contact Number and Password to create an account. 



Once you hit the “Sign Up” button, you’ll receive an activation email at your registered email address. 


Activate Your Account


Open your mailbox to look for the item sent from admin@zom-in.com and click on the activation link. Usually you will receive the activation link within a few seconds. If you didn’t receive it, please write an email to admin@zom-in.com to reflect the issue. 



Once you click on the activation link, you may login to your ZOM-IN account anytime. 


First Time Login



At your first login, you will be prompted to fill up the basic info. Make sure you fill up nicely because you’re going to use this information to apply for internships or jobs on ZOM-IN. 


Edit Your Profile



After completing the first-time login, you will be brought to the homepage of the website. Before you start exploring and applying for opportunities, let’s go to “My Profile” to update all your information. 



Let’s treat your ZOM-IN profile as your resume, make sure you elaborate more about your education and previous experiences. Most importantly, include your past projects or assignments in the Portfolio/Past Assignment section! Those projects will help prospect employers to understand more about you. 



Finally, you are ready to apply for some internships/jobs. Go to Opportunity>ZOM-IN Opportunity and start your job searching! 


You can click on each company’s logo to understand more about the company before applying for the vacancy. 


We hope you secure a perfect internship soon! 


PS/ Since the website is very new, if you’re encountering problems while using it, you can always reach out to us via email or Facebook. Our team members will assist you for a smooth user experience. 


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