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What Can You Contribute to the Company as an Intern?



  June 18, 2020

We’ve discussed how to secure an internship position and how to get the most out of your internship program, but have you ever thought about what you can give to the company? 


There must be some reasons or motives behind that drive a company to offer internship programs. Perhaps they want to reduce the overall employee workload, or want to get their senior employees some practices with management skills, or they may want to discover young and hidden talents! 


Whichever reason is it, you still need to give your best during your internship. Not only because your managers will write good testimonials for you, but it could be your ticket to the career world. Bear in mind, the company would likely offer you a job if the business is expanding, provided you did well during your internship. Even if the company is not planning to absorb new permanent employees, your reporting managers could be good references for your next job applications. 


So, what can you give to the company as an intern? 


#1 Offer Fresh, New Ideas



In the Season Five of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy Santiago first became a Sergeant, she was annoyed by Gary Jennings, a "super-eager know-it-all" police officer (which resembles Amy herself) who keeps interrupting her speech to provide all of his ideas. But later under Captain Holt's guidance on how he himself was able to manage Amy, he recommends she see Gary as a useful and valuable tool and always listen to her "Amy" because it will only make her better. 


To be a good intern, we have to be an “Amy” (or “Gary”) who doesn’t fear to challenge the authorities and constantly provides innovative ideas. However, no one would like to be challenged by an intern, especially during meetings. To be an upgraded version of “Amy”, you could write down your questions, research and brainstorm for solutions and present your solutions to the manager politely. 


#2 Ready To Run General Errands


Before you can spearhead a critical project, be ready to help out in general errands to gauge your general skill set. You’ll be assigned to help out in general day-to-day tasks, which includes: 


  • Performing clerical duties: It’s almost a guarantee you’ll be taking memos, maintaining files, organising, sorting, creating PowerPoint presentations, drafting reports, and the like.
  • Managing social media and emails: You may be asked to handle the company’s social media accounts, write emails to customers, talk to clients on the phone, and similar duties. 
  • Event handling: Interns are often asked to oversee the scheduling of appointments, organising conference rooms, and taking care of the food and drink.   
  • Research: Interns fresh from a university education have a great deal of up-to-date knowledge. Your organisation may put this knowledge to good use by placing you in a research role. You may be asked to assist in streamlining an organisation’s work process in some way.


These are not fancy tasks but they are the fundamental processes that keep the business running. By running these tasks, you will get to know the ins-and-outs of the company quickly. So, don’t belittle these tasks! 


#3 Keep Up with Latest Trends

Most often, young people like you will have a unique perspective and insight to the current and best social media trends. Utilise this as your advantage to help your company in coming up with new ideas for its social media! 


Bottom Line: Be A Solution, Not Create Problems


The best talents are those who help in easing their employers’ problems. Whether you’re an intern or a permanent employee, always think from the company’s perspective and always help the company to eliminate problems and potential threats. 


A useful rule of thumb is to ask the search engine before you bring up any question to your boss. Let the power of Google support you to be a resourceful employee! 


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