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ZOM-IN MCO Stories #1 — Could We Afford To Be “Takpe”?



  May 23, 2020

While having a break at the corridor outside my SOHO unit, I saw a foreign cleaner from the outsourced facility management team mopping the corridor. Out of curiosity, I asked, “Kak, kamu semua boleh kerja masa MCO ke?” (Checking if they are allowed to work during MCO.) 

Apparently, their team is allowed to operate with some conditions. The minivan that usually holds more than 30 workers is only allowed to bring 15 people to work a day. The cleaner illustrated to me how close friends fight with each other for a seat because none of them can afford to rest. 

This made me reflect on ourselves again, are we too pampered? Looking at them, their jobs are considered drudgery that many locals don’t want to do, they don’t have high salaries and good perks. However, they appreciate the job because it feeds them and their families. Losing the job is one of their biggest fears. 

Whilst, there are people who enjoy their ‘paid holidays’ and wishing the MCO to be extended so they can spend their “me-time” a little bit longer. 

Last week, Hong Kong-based textile and garment manufacturer, Esquel Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd (EGM) ceased its operation in Malaysia after five decades as COVID-19 pushes the company over the edge. If the MCO continues to prolong, chances are more companies, regardless of industry and size, will face the same situation soon. 

Indeed, movement restriction is the safest way to contain the virus from spreading at this moment, but it’s also taking a heavy toll on our economy. If you’re still getting your salary, do not just sit at home and focus on yourself. Do think more for your company and do whatever you can to help the business to sustain through the pandemic times. 



“ZOM-IN MCO Stories” is an internal initiative from ZOM-IN to share what we’ve observed, experienced, and learned during the Movement Control Order.


If you have stories to tell, you could send it to us via our social media channels or email to admin@zom-in.com.


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