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Approved by scientific findings, weekends are essential for everyone because we need quality time away from work to restore and recharge our body and brain. Sadly, according to a survey by in 2018, 69% from 2,660 respondents preferred staying at home during their weekends to avoid spending more money.

Of course, if you are spending time at home on meaningful activities – reading books to enrich yourself, trying on new recipes you’ve learnt from YouTube, stretching every inch of your muscles on a yoga mat, etc., you have great and healthy weekends!

But what if you feel lifeless and don’t know what to do on weekends? Let’s reclaim your happy weekends (and weekdays too!) with a little help from MyWeekendPlan!

Join a Fun & Relaxing Baking Class

Baking is a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon. Baked goods are not only delicious to eat, but they also make wonderful gifts that require thought and care to execute correctly. Baking is a time-honoured tradition that brings loved ones together and has warmed kitchens across the world for thousands of years.

Baking can be an intimidating process when one is first learning. However, joining the highly engaging and hands-on baking classes conducted by experienced instructors will eliminate all the worries and fears. MyWeekendPlan’s baking classes cover a wide range of cakes and confectionaries, from traditional cakes like Chocolate Moist Cake to some novelty flavours like Boba Milk Tea Cake and Boba Soufflé Pancakes.

Check out more baking classes and join one on the coming weekend!

Don’t Like Baking? We’ve Got You Covered!

Besides Baking Classes, MyWeekendPlan also connects with many independent instructors to offer various hobby classes! Whether you want to calm your mind with a Watercolor Brush Lettering class, or you want to reshape your body with a swimming class, there are tons of quality assured classes on MyWeekendPlan’s directories.

“Personally, I find the Brush Lettering class is very comforting and relaxing. It’s not only a good way to rejuvenate my mood, but it’s also very satisfying to see a piece of beautifully lettered paper good produced by myself,” Bryan, co-founder of MyWeekendPlan added.

To book any of these classes, you just need to gather another four friends or family (or even strangers on social media that share the same interest) to go with you.

Can I Attend Classes on Weekdays?

Knowing that some people’s off days might fall in between Monday to Friday, MyWeekendPlan doesn’t only operate on weekends. “Some people, especially those who work in the retail sector, usually off on Monday or Thursday. We’d like to encourage them to spend their off days on awesome activities to improve their well-being,” shared Johnson, co-founder of MyWeekendPlan.

This Sounds Great! How can I share this with my Co-workers?

Recommend the Employee Care Program to the Decision Maker

Year-end is coming, many HRs and bosses are looking for training, programs and retreats. Why not recommend MyWeekendPlan’s Employee Care Program to the Decision Makers in your company, to prevent them from sending you to boring programs?

Besides hobby classes, MyWeekendPlan also integrates Role-Playing Games into classes to provide highly-engaging team-building experiences for corporates. These games are not just exciting (some are thrilling) but also aim to foster the fundamental values and soft skills like Teamwork, Problem Solving, Leadership and Communication skills among the participants.

Initiate Mini Team Building Games Among Your Team

Earlier, MyWeekendPlan has demonstrated a series of Mini Team Building Games that don’t require a lot of times and complex tools on their YouTube channel. These games are aimed to promote harmonious relationships in the workplace. At the same time, each of these games also helps to develop skills or help team leaders to identify the hidden strengths of the team members. Try some of these games among your team and expect to create laughter!

Why so serious?

We often get tensed at work because there are deadlines to meet, deals to close, targets to achieve. However, you must keep some quality rest time for yourself to ensure you can ease back into reality with a fresh outlook and an improved mood!

Have a great weekend ahead!

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