What is Happiness To You?

Last Friday, the 20 March 2020, is the International Day of Happiness.

This year is not a happy year for many people as we’re facing a global crisis. The coronavirus death toll is increasing continually, many people lost their loved ones, many people are out of jobs. At the same time, some are risking their lives to serve the nation during this tough time.

However, the harder life is, we should be more positive to support ourselves and each other to cope with the bad times.

The Action For Happiness has suggested three steps to be happier:

Keep Calm

Is the COVID-19 stressing you out? It’s normal to be fearful of this cunning virus. However, don’t let the fear takes over you and start following ridiculous actions like panic buying. Let’s stay calm and focus on what really matters so we can respond constructively.

For those who are working from home or resting at home, let’s utilise this period of time to seek self-improvement. Let’s search for suitable tools and resources to re-skill and up-skill yourself.

Stay Wise

Fake news is spreading faster than the virus. Fake news is as harmful as the disease to society because it can manipulate people to do dangerous actions. For example, many pet dogs and cats being killed because someone speculates that dogs and cats can carry and spread the COVID-19, which is not true at all.

Therefore, always think rationally and fact-check information before you take any actions.

Be Kind

When most people are being kept at home to reduce the risk of infection, medical front-liners, police, abang delivery and many more are still risking their lives to serve the nation. These are the people that we must respect the most. However, many of them are experiencing discrimination. There are food stalls that refused to sell food to ambulance drivers, people who scolded a doctor for staying in the same hotel as they do, netizens who cyber manhunt down the COVID-19 patients and their families.

Ask yourself, would you be happy by doing these things? These selfish actions are hurting innocent people and don’t benefit anyone at all. Although we must maintain social distance with one another, let’s stay mentally connected and support each other to face the challenges together.

Internation Day of Happiness Contest Winner Announcement

Recently, we’ve run a contest on Instagram to collect users’ though about happiness. Perhaps the current virus pandemic is a reminder for everyone: Being healthy is the best gift in life.

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